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Medical Instrumentation

Existing Equipment

& Test Bench

PC, pH Measurement Unit, Thermistor, Thermocouple, Water Bath, Blood Pressure measurement, Spirometry measurement, Ventilation measurement mechanism, Vascular Doppler testing, EMG measurement, EEG measurement, Patient Monitor and Oximeter evaluation, Humidity sensor with its circuit, Solenoid valve with its circuit, Ultrasound emitter-receiver with its circuit. Oscilloscope, Function generator, Multimeter. Photoplethysmography, Ultrasound Unit, Dialysis Unit, Spectrophotometer, Electrosurgical Unit, Hematology Analyzer, Data Acquisition.

Electrocardiograph (ECG), Spirometer, Electrophoresis, Hematology analyzer, Blood grouping, Spectrophotometer, Chemistry Analyzer.

Covered Topics

Sensors, transducers, equipment that measure and analyze physiological signals (Electromyography, Electroencephalography) and breathing parameters.

Ultrasound, Dialysis, Hematology, and Chemistry.

Case studies and analysis in hematology, chemistry spectrophotometery absorbance and spirometry evaluation.

Covered courses